Escape Room (2019) (horror film review).

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When I read the write-up for this film ‘Escape Room’, it felt a bit like ‘Cube’. The major difference is the six strangers win tickets to this competition and the winner will get $10.000…providing they get out. Always read the small print. You’ve also got to be good at solving puzzles under pressure of death. Already, I can see people lining up to join in.

The six contestants: Zoey Davis (actress Taylor Russell) is good in science but afraid to speak up. Ben Miller (actor Logan Miller) is an oddball. Exective Jason Walker (actor Jay Ellis) got his as a gift from his boss and cheats. Gamer Danny Khan (actor Nik Dodani), older guy Mike Nolan (actor Tyler Labine) and military Amanda Harper (actress Deborah Ann Woll) make up the other members. As they chat, you should be able to work out the odds as to who will survive…maybe. It isn’t until the third room that they discover the fatal consequences of not working together except they were working together…mostly. If I told you hold they solve the clues, then I would have to kill you.

Much of the plot is so much ten little Indians and compulsive to watch. It looks deadlier than ‘Cube’ and takes it to the next level if you can survive that long.

There are several extras on the Blu-ray and on the advance version they all play together, mostly without titles. 5 minutes showing how the various rooms were made. 4 minutes of ‘The Lone Survivors’ examines the cast. I was less sure about them all being not particular nice people but then I don’t prejudge without evidence. However, I do think some more obvious inclusion would have made sense so you don’t necessarily cheer the wrong people.

The deleted scenes include 5 minutes of a foreign version using 4 footballers and their trainer trapped in the opening room before segueing into the main cast for an opening. From some of these, it’s more obvious that some of them aren’t nice. The ending shown for the film is a lot scarier than what was used. I think the biggest surprise that people in America really play these ‘Escape Rooms’ although death isn’t an option just solving the clues to get out.

You do realise you’re in the trap and there is no way out, don’t you? Likewise, you can’t play from the start again. Who said rules had to be fair?

GF Willmetts

June 2019

(region a blu-ray: pub: Sony Pictures, 2019. 1 blu-ray disk 100 minute film. Price: £14.99 (UK). ASIN: B07N8S1R7J)

cast: Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine, Nik Dodani Deborah Ann Woll and Yorick van Wageningen

check out website: www.sonypictures.co.uk


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