Arcadian: scifi horror film review by Mark Kermode (video).

In the desolate wasteland of post-apocalyptic cinema, “Arcadian” emerges as a visceral blend of family drama and horror, harnessing the raw intensity of its premise to both enthrall and unsettle. Directed by Benjamin Brewer and buoyed by a powerhouse performance from Nicolas Cage, the film grips you from its haunting opening scenes, where the echoes of a collapsed civilization reverberate through the desolate landscapes.

Cage leads the charge as Paul, a weathered father navigating the bleak remnants of society with his two sons, Joseph (Jaeden Martell) and Thomas (Maxwell Jenkins). Their existence in a dilapidated farmhouse teeters on the edge of survival, haunted by nocturnal horrors that prowl the darkness. Brewer masterfully crafts tension, building from eerie quietude to heart-pounding terror as the family confronts not just monstrous creatures, but their own inner demons.

The film’s strength lies in its emotional core, anchored by Cage’s poignant portrayal of a father driven by primal instinct to protect his kin at any cost. Martell and Jenkins deliver standout performances as the conflicted brothers, each grappling with their roles in this brutal new world. “Arcadian” is a testament to resilience amidst devastation, its narrative unfolding with gripping intensity and a touch of existential dread. While the third act stumbles with some predictable beats, Brewer’s direction and the inspired monster design ensure that “Arcadian” stands tall in the pantheon of post-apocalyptic cinema, offering a compelling journey through darkness illuminated by the flickering hope of familial bonds.


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