Buy a zombie game for your kid? Go to jail!

What is this in the UK, the Video Recordings (Labelling) Regulations 2012 have just come into force today? We’ll save you the preamble through the turgid and almost unintelligible preamble of legal-speak and cut to the chase.

1 – if the Video Standards Council don’t give your game a rating, then attempting to sell it will land you in jail.

2 -if you buy a game for a minor (say at Christmas) and they are younger than the game’s rating, you can be prosecuted and go to jail.

3 – if you are a shop and you sell a game to a minor and the game has a rating older than the player’s age, you will go to jail and your shop will be closed down.

Time to start issuing IDs to children in the UK? Just waiting for the MPs to suggest this… along with the RSD chip implanted in their arm in case they ever get lost.

Zombie game.
Sell this? We’ll bust your ass.


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One thought on “Buy a zombie game for your kid? Go to jail!

  • LMAO at number 3 like anyones going to pay a blind bit of attention to any of these.


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