Ma, go print me my shotgun.

Gun control is one of those things that tends to divide the denizens of the USA (not so much a problem in the UK anymore – bar a few farmers still holding onto licences that allow them to keep a weapon at home).  Well, here’s a story to make you shiver. A 3D hobbyist in America has just used their resin-squirting device to build a plastic assault rifle and has successfully fired 200 rounds with it.

It might make a great story for science fiction authors – no more smuggling weapons through starship control. Just print them out at your destination! But for ordinary Joes worried about the kind of thing that recently happened in the US cinema showing Batman the Dark Knight, this might just be another step towards gun hell. Of course, the contra argument this is if someone in the audience had been packing heat themselves, then the shooting spree might have been cut short with only the nutter being killed.

You can read the story straight from the horse’s mouth over here.


Colonel Frog is a long time science fiction and fantasy fan. He loves reading novels in the field, and he also enjoys watching movies (as well as reading lots of other genre books).

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