All about AATIP, the Pentagon’s UFO-hunters (video).

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Lue Elizondo drops into that hive of infamy and UFO speculation that is the New York Times’ Basement Office.

Lue is an ex-intelligence officer with the US Department of Defense, and was the big cheese behind AATIP, the Pentagon’s UFO hunters, between 2010-2017.

In this video interview, Lue reveals chats about the UFOs the Navy and other American military branches have encountered on almost “a daily basis”, why some “very senior” officials at the Pentagon tried to suppress UFO evidence, and the jaw-dropping flight performance characteristics these UFOs can pull off.

Well, we are all just waiting for the big report to drop over in the USA that was snuck into the pandemic recovery bill on the other side of the big pond.

All about AATIP, the Pentagon's UFO-hunters (video).

The secrets the government tries to hide.


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