Abigail (steampunk movie trailer).

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Here’s a new steampunk movie (Russian), Abigail, with a plot that reads like a watered-down Court of the Air.

Abigail is a young girl living in a steampunk city which has experienced an epidemic of a mysterious illness and was subsequently sealed off from the outside world by the government. One of those who fell ill was Abby’s father, taken away when she was six years old. While searching for her father, Abby finds out that her city has been seized by watchers who have banned magic. This Special Department has continued to snatch anyone who seemed to have super-powers, deeming them ‘infected’.

One day, Abby discovers that powers are stirring inside her. Agents from the Special Department begin to hunt her down. She must flee from her home and begin a journey full of adventure and danger.

Abigail (steampunk movie trailer).

Abigail (steampunk movie trailer).


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