Write Now! Magazine #9 (magazine review).

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‘Write Now! Magazine’ was only available from 2005-2009 and only had 20 issues, alas all sold out first hand but you can get a digital copy from TwoMorrows. Coming across a paper copy of # 9 was going to allow me to get one. From the looks of things this was former Marvel editor/writer Danny Fingeroth’s pigeon enabling him to interview various comicbook writers about their lives and writing techniques. Obviously, with this issue, Neal Adams is the subject of the opening interview.

Adams actually goes into finer detail about his school life and first work, more so as he was continually being told that work in comicbooks was a dead industry and he started off in newspaper strips and advertising. It does become obvious that he sees an artist and writer as a collaborative team and an understanding of protocols. Bearing in mind this was done in 2005, Adams did point out that there were too many artists for a shrinking medium which is going somewhat back to when he started in the industry. I wonder if these artists ought to be doing storyboards for super-hero films?

Geoff Johns gives some insight in 2004 of working in both the film and comicbook industry. As with all the interviews here, you get samples of their scripts and the final result on the comicbook page. That you also see the format and how much information you should give on a full script.

Although I haven’t heard of the next two writers, that doesn’t mean I can’t get some insight. Batton Lash is a cartoonist/writer, producing his own comicbook. A couple things his career has shown is getting some work in advertising is a way to develop confidence to approach the comicbook industry and get your fingers through the door.

Christos N. Gage is another screenwriter turned comicbook writer and explores the problems of insular writers needing to meet people at comic conventions to get yourself known if you want to sell your work.

Purely as a sample mag, I can see how ‘Write Now!’ might only have lasted only a short time because there are a lot of similarities in developing talent and getting work. Even so, the magazine sold out unless you want a digital copy, so there is an argument for a collected edition or a periodical annual issue with views from new writers.

GF Willmetts

March 2020

(pub: TwoMorrows Publishing, 2005. 82 page magazine. Price: originally $ 5.95 (US) but I pulled my copy for $10.00 (US) from Neal Adams’ website. You can pull a digital copy from them for $ 4.99 (US))

check out websites: www.TwoMorrows.com, https://twomorrows.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=98_60&products_id=440 and http://www.nealadamsstore.com/Write-Now-Magazine-09_p_30.html


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