Who’s the daddy?

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So, another Father’s Day dawns.

My own dad passed away a couple of years ago now, so when now posed with the metaphysical question, ‘Who’s the Daddy?’, you can imagine my surprise to find out the answer is, ‘I am!’

I was hoping for a model railway layout for Father’s Day. But I seem to have entered an alternative reality where a single Hornby HO-scale loco like the BR Merchant Navy Class is sold for £264.99, and recreating the humble layout of my long-lost youth would cost around £15,000.

Surely some inflation has bitten between then and now, as I built my old HO-scale childhood layout off the humble proceeds of a milk-round as a milk boy. Pocket money no longer seems to cut it. What, are train sets now the sole preserve of hedge fund managers, and rock stars like Rod Stewart?

So, this is what I got! Thanks, kids.

Train set

Train set

Oh well. At least I can console myself with my chocolate pie (filled with real chocolate vegetables) and a chocolate pint.

Chocolate pint

Chocolate pint

It’s a strange world, isn’t it?



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