UFO Disclosure in 2021 (video).

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Richard Dolan ponders the future of UFO Disclosure in 2021 in the USA against the background of Big Tech censorship and the nasty political bun-fight ongoing between the populist/establishment movements. He looks into military interrogations of witnesses following UFO incidents and concludes there’re a heck of a lot of them.

UFO Disclosure in 2021 (video).

We have ways of making you sign disclosure documents, friend.

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  1. David Perry says:

    The State or media have no control over these UFO incidents. The military cant even deal with these visitors, hovering over military base arming & disarming nuclear missiles. Social media will spread any reports or incidents of our little Grey friends who come & go as they like.If they meant any harm they would have done it by now. Just a visit to carry out some genetic engineering, observe & come back another day. Any alien visitors are too advanced to be bothered with war or confrontation.

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