Truman Show under fire for frankly stupid plotline (news).

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The Truman Show, the world’s longest-running and most expensive reality television program broadcast live around the clock worldwide, has come under fire as the show’s new director, Peter Jackson, has introduced a series of increasingly implausible plotlines.

“It’s like they now want the Subject of the show to realise they’re really in an enormous set near Hollywood, equipped with state of the art technology to simulate day and night and weather conditions, as well as thousands of cameras to record the Subject’s every move,” said TV Guide.

“It was bad enough when the show’s last director, Spielberg, started slipping in stupid clues, like a reality TV show star being voted in as President of the USA,” TV Guide complained. “But now, this global pandemic nonsense? Who is going to believe that? What’s next? An alien invasion? As asteroid strike? Atlantis rising fully-formed out of the f%$$£$%ing ocean?”

Some of the extras on the show are complaining, too, with the Actor’s Union, Equity, stating that many of their people are suffering having to wear face masks for large portions of their working day. Others are experiencing medical issues with joints and muscles from near-constant jogging and cycling around the Subject’s house in a continuous loop.

The Animal Protection League has also lodged a complaint with the show about the constant over-walking of dogs on the show.

Peter Jackson denied that the new plotline was a cost-saving measure designed to create a plausible excuse to save money on the previous use of annual foreign holidays and costly foreign sets.

Many viewers are clamouring for a return to the domestic routine that made the show such a hit in the first place. So expect a pandemic vaccine plot-line to feature in the near future. Or maybe zombies? Everyone loves zombies, right?

Truman Show under fire for frankly stupid plotline (news).

Truman Show under fire for frankly stupid plotline (news).


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