Greenland (scifi disaster movie: trailer).

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Just what you need during a pandemic, a fictional apocalypse movie, in this case Greenland starring Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor and David Denman (and directed by Ric Roman Waugh).

Greenland features a comet passing by Earth, with its fragments splitting off and creating lots of little ‘Deep Impacts’.

Sadly, Bruce Willis and his crew of miners isn’t on hand to save us, leaving Gerard Butler and his family desperately trying to reach Greenland where the global elite – who knew what was coming but lied about it – have created a series of large city-sized bunkers to survive.

In theory at least, this film should be arriving c. June 12th 2020.


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  1. Julian White says:

    That trailer (Greenland) seems to be a no-no – marked as being ‘Unavailable’ and ‘private’…

    Greenland, eh? I wonder if a certain someone who wanted to buy the place knows something the rest of us mortals do not…

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