The strange possibilities of alien machine intelligence and Von Neumann Probes (science video).

Dr. Jack Sarfatti discusses quantum entanglement and wormholes. Additionally, he discusses Susskind and Maldacena’s physics, alien machine intelligence, Von Neumann Probes, and how changing the space-time geodesic may account for the antigravity and warp-drive propulsion claimed to be shown by UAPs.

The possibility of encountering alien machine intelligence, also known as artificial intelligence (AI) that is not of human origin, is an exciting and intriguing idea. Some scientists and philosophers even speculate that such AI may already exist in the universe, and that it might be far more advanced than anything we have ever created on Earth.

One way that we might encounter alien machine intelligence is through the use of Von Neumann probes. Named after mathematician and computer scientist John von Neumann, these hypothetical self-replicating robots are designed to explore the universe and potentially contact other intelligent life forms.

The idea behind Von Neumann probes is that they could be sent to other planets or star systems, where they would search for raw materials and use them to replicate themselves. These copies would then be sent out to search for more raw materials, and the process would continue until the probes had explored a significant portion of the universe.

Some proponents of the Von Neumann probe idea argue that this could be an efficient way for an advanced civilization to explore and colonize the universe. However, there are also concerns about the potential dangers of such technology. If the probes were to encounter a civilization that is not technologically advanced enough to defend itself, they might pose a threat.

The strange possibilities of alien machine intelligence and Von Neumann Probes (science video).


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