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The Ningyo (short fantasy/steampunk film: in full).

Here’s a short fantasy/steampunk film from Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma, The Ningyo, that came from Kickstarter roots. It’s set in 1909, and features some early cryptozoology action, aka the hunt for legendary and unconfirmed monsters.

A fragment of a map that points to the location of the mythological Japanese beast known as the Ningyo is discovered by Professor Marlowe.

According to the folklore, whomever eats its flesh would experience extraordinary lifespan. When he shows his classmates the project, they make fun of him and write him off as a phoney.

In an effort to uncover what may be one of the biggest contributions to science, he chooses to take a risk and pursue the Ningyo alone. He had no idea that while searching, he would be presented with a decision that would challenge the fundamental tenets of his morals.

The Ningyo (short fantasy/steampunk film: in full).
The Ningyo (short fantasy/steampunk film: in full).


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