The Intrinsic (comicbook review)

The first edition of ‘The Intrinsic’ covers chapter 1 ‘Torment’. Before getting further into the plot I should mention that the story was written by Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Casey Jones and Erik Hendrix with Allan Oterd doing the pencilling. The colorist for this edition was Chandran Ponnusamy and EriK Hendrix did the letters. The artwork is sumptuous, showing that when Arcana gets it right, they get it very right indeed.

The Intrinsic (Comic review).

Ishmael Stone is the main character but you won’t learn anything about him until page 22. He is in the story from the start and is prone to having a recurring nightmare, which has to be dealt with before the real story starts. It appears that this reality is being threatened by a power from another dimension. It appears that the Intrinsic refers to characters that are naturally part of the team required to stop the apocalypse. At least one of them just doesn’t know it yet. Ishmael Stone has to assemble the team together to save us all. Not something you can do in 32 pages or I suspect, in two or three issues.

‘The Intrinsic’ brings together other characters from the ‘Arcanaverse’. Having prior knowledge of these characters may add value to the Intrinsic story. For example, Ishmaul Stone appears in the ‘Philosopher Rex’ series of comics. Other characters appear to have super-powers and others are clearly not human. I think I recognised Kade as one of the team. If it’s the same Kade as the character in ‘Kade Mourning Sun’ which I reviewed in May 2012, then he’s a bit on the dead side.

Although a short comic, the story has potential and the artwork excellent. I enjoyed this comic and I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

Andy Whitaker


(pub:Arcana Comics. 36 page comic/pdf file. Price: $ 1.99 (US)) ISBN: 9781-92742-461-2)

check out website: www.arcanacomics.com



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