ComiXology opens doors to creator-created comics.

Independent comic-book and graphic novel creators will be glad to hear of a new KDP-like scheme for comicbooks called ComiXology Submit, from digital comics firm ComiXology. Like Amazon KDP, it allows self-pubbers to upload their comic book and graphic novels where ComiXology will make titles available on their iTunes iPad app, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows 8 apps, and own web store.

David Steinberger, ComiXology co-founder, told SFcrowsnest, “While we continue to push ourselves to innovate the digital comic experience, ComiXology Submit provides an incredible opportunity for creators to sell their work to a highly targeted and global audience of comic book and graphic novel fans. The next generation of creators will reap great benefit alongside more well known creators selling books that are no longer available in print.”

One of ComiXology’s first clients, Shannon Wheeler, creator of the indie comic ‘Too Much Coffee Man’ series and a cartoonist for The New Yorker, added, “ComiXology Submit opens it up for independent comic books artists, creating the chance to digitally publish comics that one can sell everywhere. When I created ‘Too Much Coffee Man’ 20 years ago in Austin, I spent many late nights making the stupid comics. Then I spent long days bugging shop owners to sell my stuff. Then I spent minutes losing the invoices, ensuring I never got paid. With ComiXology Submit, I could have spent all that time creating my comics and I’d have gotten paid twice as often too.”

Creators interested in submitting works for approval should visit http://submit.comixology.com

Let the gold rush start, and let ComiXology ascend to a new position as one of the Lords of the Cloud.

Carrie Fisher back as Princess Leia, for sure.
One that WASN’T self-pubbed.


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