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The Art Of Frozen II by Jessica Julius (book review).

The Art of Frozen 2 by Jessica Julius (Chronicle Books, £29)

In many respects as I was reading Jessica Julius’ book, ‘The Art Of Frozen II’, I wondered as it was based in the autumn, perhaps it had the wrong title or at least could do with a sub-title. Interestingly, in the text the film is referred to as ‘Frozen 2’ but not on the cover. Please bear in mind that I haven’t seen the film yet although as much of this book is pre-production work that isn’t a requisite.

Indeed, I came away from this book without knowing much about the plot other than thinking it’s a quest and the origin of the sisters so you’re not likely to get many spoilers.

The Art of Frozen 2 by Jessica Julius (Chronicle Books, £29)
p. 60-61 Enchanted forest LISA KEENE

The autumn season does mean you see their reality in a different colour scheme and a new set of Disney’s Hyperion Renderer software to bring out the details. The same also applies to their clothes and as this film takes place 3 years later, they are also adult. You’re not getting more of the same, just a progression. For those of you wanting to make fancy dress costumes for your children, seeing the design stage is essential so you can see what you’re letting yourself in for. There’s also a surprise transparent page.

Don’t follow the costumes too closely as Elsa goes barefoot towards the end of the film so you might have to find some flesh-coloured shoes to protect your daughter’s feet should they want this appearance. The character designs are done to show off various moods so if you want a masterclass in expression with body as well as face, this book is also useful for those who draw.

The Art of Frozen 2 by Jessica Julius (Chronicle Books, £29)
p. 84-85 Wind Spirit
Left page: LISA KEENE

This book is really designed for adults than children and gives insight into the ideas that go into making the film and how much work it takes. The colour scheme changes should show you how much they have to integrate everything together.

The Art of Frozen 2 by Jessica Julius (Chronicle Books, £29)
p. 100-101 Earth Giants JAMES FINCH

Books about how films are created don’t remove any mystique of watching the final film. If anything, it’s an acknowledgment of how much work goes into every stage. The original designs are the nucleus of any animated film and seeing some of the decision process is always a bonus.

GF Willmetts

December 2019

(pub: Chronicle Books. 156 page illustrated oblong hardback. Price: £29.00 (UK), $40.00 (US). ISBN: 978-1-4521-6949-1)

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