Suidobashi fighting Mechs for $1.3m!

Suidobashi Heavy Industry is, we are told by Wired Japan, developing a diesel-powered mech called Kurata – over 13 feet tall and 4.4-ton in weight, as long as you’ve got a spare $1.3m hanging around to pay for one. Well, I always wanted to be Tony Stark, and this might be my first step to exo-powered superhero status. Of course, first I have to to find a couple of spare million in chump change… and that isn’t going to come from the back of my sofa.

The US military can stop reaching for their cheque books (or PayPal accounts), though. Its weapon payload consists of firework-style rockets and a 6000 round-per-minute gattling gun shooting plastic BB kiddie ammo. Won’t be able to stop a Chinese tank with that, then. Never mind.


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