Stowaway (Netflix science fiction film: review by Anna Bogutskaya).

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Stowaway is the latest sci-fi movie to come out as a Netflix original. This film is more grounded in reality and features a manned mission to Mars which accidentally picks up a briefly unconscious flight engineer who is trapped on board at the last moment, and dragged along for a flight he never volunteered for.

Of course, this leads to all sorts of issues with regards to lack of oxygen and supplies to keep the fellow alive. So, what is to do? Check him out of the airlock, eat him?

It should be pointed out that this is more or less the basic plot of the Tintin graphic novel where they go to the moon and discover a stowaway on board and face exactly the same issues.

Ah well, there’s nothing original under the sun.

Was the flick any good? Listen to this fine review by Anna Bogutskaya to get to the bottom of the matter.

Stowaway (Netflix science fiction film: review by Anna Bogutskaya).

Just abort the mission and go home!


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  1. William Guy says:

    Actually this is a rehash of Tom Godwin’s “The Cold Equations” one of the most famous SF short stories

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