Space Sweepers (new Netflix scifi movie: trailer).

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Here comes a new South Korean scifi movie from Netflix, called Space Sweepers, which looks a little like a ‘homage’ to Stephen Hunt’s Sliding Void series of space opera novels.

Chasing after deep space salvage in the year 2092, a female Captain (definitely not Lana Fiveworlds) of the merchant trader The Victory (definitely not the Gravity Rose) leads a crew of misfits including an android (definitely not Zeno) in uncovering the secrets during of a supposed human girl (definitely not Alice) in this rip-roaring light-hearted tale of orbital hijinks.

Will be hitting Netflix February 5th 2021, which is – interestingly enough – only ten years after the first Sliding Void book was the most downloaded book in the science fiction charts of Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada etc.

Space Sweepers (new Netflix scifi movie: trailer).

Space Sweepers (new Netflix scifi movie: trailer).


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