She-Hulk cast: Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany enters MCU (news).

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Tatiana Maslany, the actress who demonstrated her acting chops by playing multiple characters as clones of the same woman in the science fiction drama series Orphan Black, will now be able to bring her considerable talents to bear on the Marvel cinematic universe – a.k.a. the MCU – being cast in the upcoming role of She-Hulk.

She-Hulk – or her alter ego mild-mannered Jennifer Susan Walters – was created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema, first appearing in The Savage She-Hulk.

Susan is a lawyer who, after an injury, received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, and acquired a milder version of his Hulk condition.

Unlike Banner, she still largely retains her personality – in particular, she retains the majority of her intelligence and emotional control, although like Hulk, she is still susceptible to outbursts of temper and becomes much stronger if enraged. In later issues of the comics, her transformation became permanent.

Tanya will be feeding the monster that is Disney Plus in their upcoming battle to convince enough people to become subscribers to the Marvel, Star Wars, Disney content machine’s streaming service.

We are already waiting with bated breath for such streaming TV series as WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, not to mention the far more imminent landing of The Mandalorian, and whatever other live-action or animated Star Wars spin-offs are thrown our way.

She-Hulk cast: Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany enters MCU (news).

Savage She-Hulk #1, February 1980. Art by John Buscema

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