Pentagon confirms it will release its UFO/UAP report soon (weird news).

There’s a UAP/UFO Task Force report winging its way to the U.S. Congress, soon, and there’s lots of scuttlebutt about what the paperwork may or may not contain.

So much, in fact, that we have to do this here piece to roundup all the natter, rather than featuring each piece individually.

Let’s kick off on this interview with George Noory, where Grant Cameron discusses the U.S. government’s role in UAP disclosure with the public and why certain organisations are now releasing slow drips of information from the inside.

And here’s where ex-US-intelligence officer John Alexander talks about the UAP Task Force report to Congress.

And the ever-reliable Richard Dolan also waxes lyrical about the motivations underlying the suppression of information.

And here’s former Pentagon official Chris Mellon with a Canadian view of encounters with UFOs.

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