Lethis (steampunk city-builder game trailer).

Lethis: Path of Progress is an old-school city builder set in a Victorian Steampunk universe called Lethis.

The game will be arriving later this year for the handheld Nintendo Switch – and a sequel, Path of Progress II, is being worked on for the PC by Triskell Interactive, although their DevBlog indicates it’s slow-going for the follow-up at the moment as the necessities of earning real dosh to supplement indie work has intruded, as it is often wont to do.

You can get the first game over on Steam for your PC, here for a very reasonable price (£14.99 when we checked).

Our top tip for playing this game? Just pretend you’re building the capital city of Middlesteel from Stephen Hunt’s best-selling Jackelian universe books (these are the steampunk novels that booted up the genre from being an in-joke inside Interzone magazine, to an actual thriving sub-culture in its own right).

The Switch ported version is coming from Seaven Studio – but it’s originally produced by the two-person French indie studio over at https://triskell-interactive.com/

Lethis (steampunk city-builder game trailer).
Lethis (steampunk city-builder game trailer).

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