Krapopolis: an Odyssey of gods, monsters, and the world’s worst roommates (fantasy cartoon trailer).

We’re taking a look at the upcoming animated sitcom, Krapopolis. Set in the mythical landscape of ancient Greece, this series promises to offer a silly blend of history, mythology, and family dynamics.

Krapopolis is the brainchild of Dan Harmon, known for his innovative storytelling. The series is set to explore the trials and tribulations of a family composed of humans, gods, and monsters. They’re tasked with running one of the world’s first cities, a challenge that promises to deliver a mix of drama and intrigue.

The voice cast features a diverse range of talent. Richard Ayoade, known for his distinctive voice and comedic timing, will be voicing the character Tyrannis. Matt Berry, another veteran in the comedy scene, lends his voice to the character Shlub. Hannah Waddingham, a versatile actress, will be voicing Deliria. The series also boasts an impressive roster of guest voices, including Susan Sarandon, Will Forte, and Ben Stiller, among others.

Interestingly, Krapopolis is Fox’s first fully owned animated comedy series. The network has shown considerable faith in the series, renewing it for a second and third season even before its premiere.

In a nod to the evolving digital landscape, the series will be curated on the blockchain, marking Fox’s entry into the NFT business. This move could potentially offer new ways for fans to engage with the show.

The series is set to premiere on September 24, 2023. As we await its release, it will be interesting to see how Krapopolis blends historical and mythical elements with modern sensibilities. Will it offer a fresh perspective on ancient Greece? We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

Krapopolis: an Odyssey of gods, monsters, and the world's worst roommates (fantasy cartoon trailer).
Krapopolis: an Odyssey of gods, monsters, and the world’s worst roommates (fantasy cartoon trailer).


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