Eric Flint, U.S. science fiction author, dies (news).

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Baen Books, the main publisher for U.S. science fiction author Eric Flint, has posted the sad news of Eric’s passing on July 17th, 2022. He had been ill for a while fighting cancer, we understand.

Eric, a Californian born in 1947, supported himself in various occupations including longshoreman, truck driver, machinist, and labour union organiser. Flint also became a political activist in the labour movement.

A prolific writer, he mostly authored alternative history science fiction, however he occasionally produced comedic fantasy tales. Eric released his first book in 1997 after taking first place in the Writers of the Future competition in 1993, and in 1999 he began writing full-time.

The late Jim Baen and Eric Flint were co-founders and editors of the Baen Free Library, an ongoing experiment in electronic publishing (e-books in a variety of unencrypted formats) where they persuaded authors to make completely unprotected free copies of various works available for downloading online. One of the first objectives was to determine if the distribution of free electronic material would boost sales of their regular print or paid electronic versions.

His best-selling work was the 1632 series. This alternative history series begins with the residents of a contemporary American community being unexpectedly transferred to Central Germany in 1631 and left there with no way out. As the story develops in 1631, the Thirty Years’ War almost overtakes the town in 1632, which leads to the first book’s title.

Eric Flint, U.S. science fiction author, dies (news).

Eric Flint, U.S. science fiction author, dies (news).


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