Echo sounds off: a new Marvel superhero TV series (trailer).

In the ever-expanding universe of capes, tights, and unending superhero landings, Echo rings in as the latest entrant, striding onto the small screen with a swagger that says, “Hey, remember me from Hawkeye?” It’s Marvel’s televisual equivalent of a mic drop—except the mic is an entire series, and the stage is Disney+ and Hulu, jazzed up for a January 10, 2024 release.

But what is Echo about, you ask? Picture this: Maya Lopez, our titular hero, heads back to her hometown in Oklahoma, post all the New York shenanigans. There’s a whole lot of past to grapple with, and Maya isn’t just unpacking luggage; she’s unboxing a Pandora’s Box of emotional whiplash, reconnecting with her roots, and hugging it out with her community. It’s like a family reunion, but with more punching, less passive-aggressive commentary.

Leading the pack is Alaqua Cox as Maya, who brings back the charm and ass-kickery from Hawkeye. Her superpower is the mimicking movement—imagine the best TikTok dancer ever, but if they could also dodge bullets and leap from buildings. Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, saunters in with an eyepatch because when you tangle with family, things get messy. This isn’t your grandma’s Thanksgiving.

Joining them is a roster that reads like the guest list of the most eclectic dinner party ever. We’ve got Chaske Spencer, Tantoo Cardinal, and Graham Greene, bringing the gravitas and the gravies. Cody Lightning is Cousin Biscuits, which, let’s be honest, is the best name ever, and should be a universal nickname for cool cousins everywhere.

Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil is also searching for an old buddy while probably tripping over the furniture because, you know, the blind vigilante life. It’s a hoot to think of Daredevil and Echo bumping into each other in the dark, both pretending they meant to do it.

This fun bunch was cooked up by a writers’ room so packed with talent, you’d think they were trying to solve world peace, not penning a superhero series. Marion Dayre heads the storytelling extravaganza with a crew including names like Shoshannah Stern, Rebecca Roanhorse, and a small army of others.

The drama behind the scenes could rival an episode of The Bachelor with talks of the show being almost axed—gasp! Kevin Feige himself found the first cut “unreleasable”, which in Marvel-speak is the equivalent of Thor calling your hammer “a tad light.” There were reshoots, rewrites, and probably a whole lot of re-coffeeing, but in true hero fashion, Echo bounced back.

Echo promises a “grounded crime story” which probably means everyone keeps their feet mostly on the ground, and the laws of physics apply—mostly. And the best part? You can binge it all in one go. Say goodbye to the agonizing week-long waits of yesteryear; this is the all-you-can-watch buffet of superhero antics.

In the grander tapestry of the MCU, Echo is more than just a pit stop—it’s a launchpad into Daredevil: Born Again. Yes, you heard it right. Kingpin and Daredevil, the dynamic frenemies, are setting the stage for what’s to come. It’s the superhero circle of life, and it moves us all.

So mark your calendars, set the reminder, and get ready to meet the family. Echo is coming to town, and she’s not ringing the doorbell—she’s kicking the door down.

Echo sounds off: a new Marvel superhero TV series (trailer).
Echo sounds off: a new Marvel superhero TV series (trailer).


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