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Doctor Who Turns 60: six decades of Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Delights? (trailer)

Greetings Whovians, and a special nod to our SFcrowsnest readers – it’s time to buckle up your bowties, tighten your Converse, and prepare for the 60th anniversary of our beloved show – Doctor Who. With Russell T Davies back at the helm, we’re all set for a ride more thrilling than taking the TARDIS for a spin after a few glasses of Gallifreyan bubbly.

Now, before we go any further, can we take a moment to appreciate the episode titles? “The Star Beast” promises galactic grandeur, “Wild Blue Yonder” sounds like an out-of-this-world adventure, and “The Giggle”? Oh, we’re expecting more than just a chuckle. Maybe it’s a villain who laughs you to death or perhaps a ticklish alien species; the possibilities are endless!

But let’s talk about the star-studded cast. David Tennant is back, but not as the Tenth Doctor – oh no, he’s upgraded to the Fourteenth Doctor! We’re not entirely sure how that regeneration maths works, but we’re here for it. Meanwhile, Catherine Tate is reprising her role as the unforgettable Donna Noble. And then there’s Ncuti Gatwa stepping in as the Fifteenth Doctor. Are we getting a multi-Doctor story, or is the TARDIS just getting crowded?

And speaking of crowded, Neil Patrick Harris is joining the crew as the Toymaker. We’re hoping for a song and dance number because, well, it’s NPH! Plus, with so many returning characters from Tennant’s era, we’re wondering if the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver also doubles as a phone to call up old pals.

The behind-the-scenes action is just as juicy. The switch from Roath Lock Studios to Wolf Studios has us intrigued. Was it a simple change of address or did a Weeping Angel send the whole studio back in time? Murray Gold is back to serenade our ears, and we’re hoping for a mixtape of all our favorite Doctor Who hits. Honestly, if “I Am The Doctor” doesn’t make a comeback, we might just start a petition.

To add to the excitement, there are whispers of extra content being filmed for the anniversary. Could it be a surprise Christmas special or perhaps some behind-the-scenes bloopers? We’re placing our bets on a Dalek cooking show.

In the lead up to the 60th-anniversary release, there’s no shortage of Who-tastic content. Big Finish Productions is releasing a special audio drama, and the BBC is rolling out over 800 episodes on iPlayer. That’s right, time to call in sick for the next month and binge-watch everything. The universe is vast, time is wibbly-wobbly, and the Doctor’s adventures are just getting started. So, grab your sonic, hop into your TARDIS, and let’s celebrate six decades of Doctor Who magic together.


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