Dead Indian Wars (Second in The Damnation Series) by Clark Casey (book review).

‘Dead Indian Wars’ is volume two of the DamnationSeries, Clark Casye’s paranormal western series. The story here, picks up from where ‘Dawn In Damnation’ left off which is after the huge battle with the werewolves, the residents of the only other saloon in town.

Many of the cowboy residents, have been shot and gone to Hell or had to shoot the werewolves and so not gone to Heaven neither. The Foggy Dew Saloon, bar and gaming house of the human inhabitants, has also got more battered and burnt. Most of it is still standing, so daily life continues to go on as before.

We are now past the early days of exploration and the mining boom and into the time of the settlers and army outposts. This also means we are into the time of the Indian wars. So there are many soldiers coming through the dust storm barrier, as well as the Indians they have killed.

This means there are many disgruntled soldiers turning up at the Foggy Dew to drink, gamble and grumble inside while more and more Indians are pitching up their tepees on the outskirts of town.

The first few chapters of this book tell the back story of individual newcomers, plus filling in other information about what is going on in general.

As the number of dead Indians increase, so does the unrest. The anger that they have come to their ‘happy hunting ground’ but they are not happy as there are no bison to hunt. Plus they are confronted with the soldiers that killed them or ones that they killed.

Inside the saloon, there are mutterings about friends that are no longer here. Mutterings about all the soldiers arriving, the lack of food to go round. Also the Indians doing their war dances, all the noise from their shouting and the banging of their drums. If that wasn’t enough, Sal has competition from a new saloon, The Rusty Nail, being built and taking most of his trade.

As with the first book, this is an entertaining page-turner of a story, with several twists and turns along the way. People are written as rounded characters, with good points and faults, warts and all. I recommend you pick up this book, if you like to read an alternative to conventional western stories.

Jill Roberts

October 2018

(pub: Kensington Publishing Corporation. 208 page paperback. Price: $15.00 (US), £11.61 (UK).ISBN: 978-1-51610-499-4)

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