Creature: Netflix’s new horror TV series jolts fresh life into Frankenstein? (trailer)

It’s alive! And it’s streaming on Netflix this October. Dive into the fog-shrouded alleys of early 20th century Turkey with “Creature,” Netflix’s riveting Turkish adaptation of Mary Shelley’s iconic “Frankenstein.” Setting pulses racing and gothic hearts fluttering, this take on the haunting tale promises all the chill of the original with a twist of Turkish delight.

At the helm of this macabre masterpiece is the renowned director Çağan Irmak. Produced by the powerhouse O3 Medya, the series has a blend of stellar executive producers, including Saner Ayar, Ayse Durmaz, Mine Yilmaz, and Cengiz Çagatay, giving fans high hopes for a tantalizingly terrifying tale.

The story unravels as young medical student Ziya, driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge and played by the magnetic Taner Ölmez, dreams of curing diseases that have stumped medicine for ages. As fate would have it, he meets the enigmatic Doctor İhsan, portrayed by the charismatic Erkan Kolçak Köstendil. United in their obsessive quests and tethered by their shared wounds, their alliance sparks an experiment so forbidden that it’s whispered only in hushed, fearful tones.

But what is a story without its ensemble? The supporting cast boasts of a repertoire of talents such as Sifanur Gül, Bülent Sakrak, Devrim Yakut, Durul Bazan, Aram Dildar, Macit Koper, Engin Benli, and Sennur Nogaylar. Together, they’re bound to weave a narrative web so intricate, viewers might just get caught in its thrall.

As the anticipation mounts, we know “Creature” spans eight suspense-packed episodes, though the names and durations remain swathed in mystery, much like Doctor İhsan’s enigmatic experiments. The eerie backdrops of Bursa and Istanbul set the stage for a narrative that played out from February to September 2022 during its filming phase.

So, if you’ve ever pondered the repercussions of dabbling with the unseen, or what truly happens when you unlock the monstrous potential within, set your reminders.

This October, prepare to confront the monster not just outside, but within. “#Creature” drops exclusively on Netflix on October 20th. Hold onto your electrodes, folks. It promises to be electrifying!

Creature: Netflix's new horror TV series jolts fresh life into Frankenstein? (trailer)
Creature: Netflix’s new horror TV series jolts fresh life into Frankenstein? (trailer)


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