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Atlantis vs. Lemuria: the epic waterlogged showdown (weird documentary).

Ah, Atlantis. The city of… well, we’re not quite sure. Was it gold? Was it mermaids? Was it just a really fancy water park? For eons, we’ve been scratching our heads, diving into the deep, and coming up with more seaweed than answers. But hold onto your snorkels, folks, because Atlantis might just be the tip of the iceberg. Or, more accurately, the tip of the underwater mountain.

Enter Lemuria, the lesser-known, but equally mysterious, sunken continent. While Atlantis gets all the Hollywood movies, theme park rides, and tacky souvenirs, Lemuria is like the forgotten middle child of lost continents. But here’s the kicker: unlike its more famous counterpart, there’s actually some evidence that Lemuria might have existed. That’s right, Atlantis, it’s time to move over and let your big sister take the spotlight.

The Great War of Wetness

Now, imagine for a moment: two massive continents, both submerged, both legendary. What if they weren’t just neighbors, but rivals? Picture this: Atlantis, with its shimmering palaces and mermaid cheerleaders, versus Lemuria, the stoic land of wisdom and probably underwater elephants (because why not?). The tension between them could be cut with a… well, a very sharp trident.

Legend has it that the Atlanteans and Lemurians had a massive showdown. Not over territory, not over treasure, but over bragging rights. Which continent could stay afloat the longest? It was the ultimate game of chicken, but with continents.

Atlantis, being the cocky younger sibling, boasted of its advanced technology. They had water-proof smartphones and apps to order sushi (from themselves, because, you know, fish). Lemuria, on the other hand, prided itself on its ancient wisdom and probably had libraries filled with waterproof books.

The war was epic. There were sea chariots, giant clams used as shields, and dolphins trained as elite spies. The stakes? The loser would have to sink to the bottom of the ocean, forever lost to history.

The Soggy Conclusion?

As the tides of war raged on, both continents realized something crucial: they were both already underwater. The whole war was, in essence, a very wet and wild misunderstanding. But by the time they figured it out, the damage was done. Lemuria, weighed down by its vast libraries, began to sink. Atlantis, distracted by a software update on their phones, didn’t notice until it was too late.

And so, both continents were submerged, leaving behind only legends, myths, and a very confused group of dolphins.

In the end, the real winner was us. Because now, we have not one, but two epic tales of lost continents to ponder, explore, and turn into blockbuster movies. So, here’s to Atlantis and Lemuria, the legendary lands that teach us that sometimes, it’s better to just stay afloat than to get into a splashy showdown.

Atlantis vs. Lemuria: the epic waterlogged showdown
Atlantis vs. Lemuria: one wins, one dies.


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