Ad Astra, new science fiction imprint from publisher Head of Zeus (news).

There’s a new science fiction imprint on the way from book publisher Head of Zeus, Ad Astra. Their initial six titles will be published on 1st October 2020 with a programme of 30 new SFF books planned for 2021.

Head Cheese at Head of Zeus, Anthony Cheetham, commented, “I’ve been a fan since the age of 11 when I traded my stamp album for a copy of HG Wells’ collected short stories, and I’ve never looked back.”

Ad Astra’s publisher will be Nicolas Cheetham, who noted, “Nature, nurture or genetic engineering? I’ve always found big, challenging, take-no-prisoners SFF irresistible. With Ad Astra, HoZ’s stealthy but extremely successful SF list breaks cover to better publish the best high-concept SFF our world can offer.”

The lead author of the Ad Astra imprint is Cixin Liu, the Chinese writer who been read by nine million readers in 25 languages for his Three-Body Problem trilogy.

In November 20202, Ad Astra will release new paperback editions of this work with cover art from his Chinese editions.

In December, they will publish Simon Ing’s 1032-page compendium of science fiction’s best 100 stories about Artificial Intelligence, ‘We, Robots’.

Further novels will be incoming from C.S. Friedman, Ada Palmer, Ken Liu, Adrian Tchaikovsky, John Birmingham, and Terry Goodkind.

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