When the Fermi Paradox got… grabby? (science video)

According to the new Grabby Aliens theory, there might be thousands of huge alien civilizations in the universe right now… and we could join their ranks very soon.

Interstellar cultures may be divided into two categories. Aliens that are “quiet” don’t grow or alter too much before they perish. Since we have so little information on them, we are left to mostly guess using tools like the Drake equation.

In contrast, “loud” aliens dynamically adjust the volume levels under their command and continue to rapidly grow until they collide. It should be possible to see these aliens with the naked eye and draw many conclusions from our data about these noisy visitors.

The team of scientists behind these ideas are led by Professor Robin Hanson from George Mason University in the US, who have proposed the concept of “grabby aliens” to explain why humanity has appeared so soon after the Big Bang. The team developed a model based on cosmological data, including the age of the universe, that humanity has yet to observe aliens, and key events in Earth’s history.

The model shows many cones within a particular area of the universe, each representing a civilization, some of which expand rapidly until they encounter another civilization. These rapidly expanding civilizations are called “grabby aliens” because they last a long time, expand fast, and change the spaces they enter to meet their needs.

The team believes that the existence of grabby aliens provides an answer to the puzzle of why humanity has appeared so soon after the Big Bang, as they may have set a deadline for other civilizations to appear before they occupy all the universe.

The team estimates grabby aliens appear once per million galaxies and currently occupy about half of the space in the universe. They also predict that our descendants, should we avoid extinction, can expect an encounter with aliens in roughly a billion years’ time.

When the Fermi Paradox got... grabby? (science video)
Damn those grabby aliens.


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