WandaVision to bring in X-men with Evan Peters’ Quicksilver? (news)

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Actor Evan Peters has been spotted on the set of Marvel’s first live-action MCU TV series, WandaVision, dressed as X-man Quicksilver.

This photo ties in with various leaks and speculation that the new TV series will link up with the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film, and feature Wanda’s dead brother in parallel reality form – aka Quicksilver or Peter Maximoff from the recent X-Men movies.

One of the Spanish dubbing team also rather let the cat out of the bag on this surprise, with a tweet, now deleted.

In the original comic-books, Magneto was the father of both Wanda and Quicksilver. Now, if Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellen made an appearance as Dad, expect the entire Fan universe to lose their collective shit, a la the appearance of Luke at the end of the last Mandalorian series.

WandaVision to bring in X-men with Evan Peters’ Quicksilver? (news)

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