UFO fun round-up (weird news: 16th July 2021).

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Here’s a roundup of a few interesting UFO stories doing the rounds.

In the 1948 UFO incident in Aztec, New Mexico, fourteen extra-terrestrials bodies were discovered. The event begins as a patrol car arrives at the scene where a ship had just descended upon a plateau. They came across twenty people surrounding the craft. Soon the military swoops in to confiscate cameras. Jaime Maussán investigates the crash site and interviews Scott and Susan Ramsey, who have studied this case for decades. What happens next was extraordinary…

In 2016, an enormous pyramid-shaped UFO was witnessed flying over the rural Welsh village of Pentyrch before it crashed into nearby woods. In the latter half of the show, filmmakers and creators of The Paranormal Scholar Laura and Erik Rowton discussed the case, which they say involved the intervention of the British military and NATO. Furthermore, the couple charged, efforts to investigate the incident have been met with resistance, obfuscation, and dishonesty by authorities, leading some to believe Pentyrch is one of the greatest UFO mysteries of all time.

NASA has supposedly been caught concealing Alien Objects on the Moon?

Jaime Maussán explores the government deviations that sought to cover up the famous Roswell UFO event. This great strategy of concealment managed to hide the facts from the public, that extraterrestrial beings of a second ship were found. Unfortunately, most of the witnesses remained silent for decades for fear of repercussions, if they talked about it. Before he passed away, Walter Haut wrote a letter with his testimony about the government’s manoeuvres around this case, where the ship was hidden, and the beings he saw.

And here, an interview with Leonard Mlodinow, the co-author with Stephen Hawking of the best-seller A Brief History of Time. A few years before Stephen Hawking passed away, he cautioned that we should be careful about looking for extraterrestrials. Mlodinow explained that Hawking’s concern was that aliens capable of traveling to our planet might be so advanced that they would view humans, the way we look at insects and animals, and treat us as a lowly life form.

Next, whilst the official explanation for the sudden loss of the Phobos 2 probe on March 27, 1989 is an onboard computer failure…the subject of alien tampering was raised, and has never really been silenced. The last image taken by the Phobos 2 spacecraft is of a dark shadow, thought to belong to a gigantic craft. This sparked rumours about the failed Phobos 1 and Phobos 2 missions. Was there something ‘out there’ responsible for this?


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