UFO cocktail hour: UAP and UFO (weird news roundup: week ending 5th September 2021).

Here is our roundup all the UFO and UAP news and videos that’s fit to print for the week ending 5th of September 2021 (and some news that probably isn’t fit to print as well).

Let’s kick off with Richard Dolan chatting about the potential nature of Alien Psychology. Old Ricardo asked the big question such as if we believe aliens are here, what makes them tick? Can we discuss how their minds operate? What might be the biggest differences we have with them? Are they here to help us? Do they love us? Do they care? Probably not.

While here is a short video which asks is the U.S. Space Force hiding something of huge importance, and should we be worried about an extraterrestrial threat?

Meanwhile, at the singularity lab they are interviewing Ted Roe, who joins them to discuss his role with NARCAP – The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena – and where he sees the fight for UAP transparency heading.

There is also a little video which looks at how the 30th International UFO Congress will be held online starting September 8th 2021. It happens at a time when the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force is considering its next move. The giant wave of UFO interest that began 3 years ago is still surging, with ongoing media coverage, Congressional action, and grudging acceptance by the scientific community.

Next, we shall delve into the odd world of anti-gravity tech – hey, did you steal that from ET?

And here’s an interview with David Marceau, who in 1992 was one of the troops who witnessed an oblong-shaped UFO fly over the Canadian army base in New Brunswick where he was stationed. The otherworldly craft appeared to be over an acre long.

Next, head science writer from The Debrief, Christopher Plain, joins The Singularity Lab to discuss how pilot encounters with UAPs are now being taken seriously by Aerospace and Aeronautical engineers – mainly because of the number of close near-fatal collisions taking place in the air.

And to cap it off, in a recently released UFO documentary Chris Mellon, the former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence, stated that he had provided the New York Times with the three sensational UFO videos it published in 2017. Mellon claimed that his work had persuaded him that UFOs represent a potential high-level strategic threat of unknown origin—one the nation would be unwise to ignore. Perhaps the country is beginning to heed the warning as in 2020 the US department of Defense formed a new task force to investigate the UFO problem.

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