The other new Judge Dredd film.

While Karl Urban is riding his Lawmaker and grunting and growling his way through the new District 9-styled MegaCity, spare a thought for the other Judge Dredd film slowly working its way to full production. This is a fan film called Judge Minty. For those of you who didn’t follow the classic comic back in the day, Judge Minty is a retired Judge. He doesn’t get a pension – no Judge does – he does get exiled into the atomic wasteland of the Cursed Earth to bring law to the lawless until he pegs it, though.

Judge Minty film
Stuck in the Cursed Earth? Take a Mint(y) to save you from the muties!

In the words of the filmmakers…

The film will be based on Judge Minty, a character created by John Wagner and Mick McMahon. An aging Judge who is forced to ‘retire’ from the streets, mainly it seems because he has become too compassionate. He chooses to take ‘The Long Walk’ into the Cursed Earth, there “to take law to the lawless”. The film will be based around his first experiences in the radioactive wastes. This is a fan film. 2000AD, its related images and designs are Copyright of Rebellion. No connection between me and 2000AD should be inferred. Judge Dredd is the Creation of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

You can donate via Paypal to help the film towards production at www.judgeminty.com


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