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The Fallen: a short scifi film (video, in full).

The SFcrowsnest crew of rascals is excited to bring attention to a science fiction short film titled “The Fallen,” directed by Alex Popov and now available for free on Youtube.

The narrative of “The Fallen” takes audiences back to the year AD 613. As Viking warriors rove across the familiar landscapes of Scandinavia, their reality is interrupted by an unexpected, otherworldly event. An alien ship crashes into their world, triggering a chain of events that will forever change the fate of these warriors.

Popov, known for his creative vision and skillful execution of complex visual effects, brings the story to life. His dual role as director and VFX artist is apparent in the film’s seamless blend of historical and science fiction elements. The short film is grounded in its portrayal of the Viking world, yet bold in its incorporation of alien encounters. This unexpected intersection of genres produces a thrilling cinematic experience.

The film boasts a story penned by Bradford James Jackson and Alex Popov. Original music by Nik Sharshak adds to the atmosphere, creating a perfect backdrop to the unfolding drama. The ensemble cast, featuring Bradford James Jackson, Steven Wright, and Levi A. Taylor, among others, deliver riveting performances that keep viewers glued to the screen.

“The Fallen” is the product of a dedicated team, with Popov, Bradford James Jackson, Jeremy Blake, Pattricia Popov, Erin Lindsay King, and Jim Wedaa serving as producers. The creative team’s effort to craft a believable and immersive world is apparent in every detail, from the meticulously designed costumes to the atmospheric sets and props. Fight scenes, choreographed by Bradford James Jackson and Alex Popov, add to the film’s intense energy.

Garrett Martin, Denise Hill, Jeremy Blake, Donnie Bonavitacola, Jason Soldin, and Alex Popov’s ingenuity is evident in the alien costume design, adding a strikingly alien feel to the Viking’s earthly domain. The film is a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared vision of a creative team.

The Fallen: a short scifi film (video, in full).
The Fallen: a short scifi film (video, in full).


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