The Changeling: a fairy tale for the Apple TV+ generation? (horror trailer).

Blimey, the modern age; Where fairy tales no longer begin in enchanted forests or atop beanstalks, but in the hallowed aisles of a library in Queens. Enter “The Changeling,” Apple TV+’s latest foray into the horror-fantasy genre, set to premiere on September 8th, 2023. If you thought your library visits were just about overdue books and hushed whispers, think again.

Based on Victor LaValle’s critically acclaimed novel, “The Changeling” promises to be a fairy tale for those of us who’ve traded our glass slippers for smartphones. But don’t be fooled by its contemporary setting; this tale is as old as time, exploring the dark corners of parenthood, love, and the lengths one would go to save their family.

Apollo Kagwa, portrayed by the ever-enigmatic LaKeith Stanfield, is every bit the modern-day prince. A used book dealer (because who needs a kingdom when you have first editions?), Apollo is navigating the treacherous waters of new fatherhood. But when his wife, Emma, played by the talented Clark Backo, does the unthinkable, his fairy tale life shatters into a million pieces.

Now, this isn’t your grandma’s fairy tale. There are no wicked stepmothers or poisoned apples. Instead, we’re thrust into a New York City that’s more Brothers Grimm than Carrie Bradshaw. A city where post-partum depression meets dark magic, and where Apollo’s quest to find his wife takes him through an urban labyrinth of the bizarre and the supernatural.

Joining Stanfield is a stellar ensemble that promises to bring depth and nuance to this twisted tale. Adina Porter steps into the shoes of Lillian Kagwa, Apollo’s mother, with Alexis Louder giving us a glimpse of a younger Lillian. Samuel T. Herring’s portrayal of William Wheeler, a man on a similar quest as Apollo, is already generating buzz. And let’s not forget the recurring cast, from Amirah Vann’s Kim Valentine to Malcolm Barrett’s Patrice Green. Each character, with their own secrets and stories, adds layers to this intricate narrative.

“The Changeling” is set to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, blending the horrors of real-life with the fantastical. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the monsters aren’t lurking under our beds but within ourselves. And in a world where streaming services are churning out content faster than you can say “Once upon a time,” “The Changeling” stands out as a beacon of originality.

So, dear readers of SFcrowsnest, mark your calendars for September 8th. Grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be enchanted and horrified in equal measure. After all, in the age of Apple TV+, who needs a fairy godmother when you have a remote?

The Changeling: a fairy tale for the Apple TV+ generation? (horror trailer).
The Changeling: a fairy tale for the Apple TV+ generation? (horror trailer).


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