Groot’s galactic shenanigans: more than just a Twig’s Tale? (trailer)

Hold onto your branches, SFcrowsnest folks. Marvel Studios is branching out with  I Am Groot Season 2, and it’s set to leaf us all in stitches. Streaming from September 6th 2023 on Disney+ (just in time for #NationalTreeDay, because who said trees can’t be celebs?), our favorite little twig is back, and he’s not just photosynthesizing.

In a series of five new shorts, Baby Groot is swapping his pot for a spaceship, proving that even the smallest twigs can reach for the stars. From intergalactic dance-offs to attempting communication with creatures that make Rocket look downright ordinary, Groot’s adventures are more wild and whimsical than ever. And yes, every time he says “I am Groot,” it’s still as endearing and enigmatic as the first time.

Vin Diesel returns, lending his deep tones to our tiny tree hero. But let’s be honest, it’s probably the easiest gig he’s ever had. Three words, Vin, three words. Kirsten Lepore, the genius behind season one, is back to ensure Groot doesn’t just stick to the script. With a team of producers that reads like the who’s who of the Marvel universe, this season promises to be a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

So, whether you’re a tree hugger, a Marvel maniac, or just someone who enjoys watching a baby tree get into cosmic conundrums, #IAmGroot Season 2 is set to be the timber-tastic treat of the year. Just remember, if a tiny twig can explore the universe, you can at least water your houseplants.

Groot's galactic shenanigans: more than just a Twig's Tale? (trailer)
Groot’s galactic shenanigans: more than just a Twig’s Tale? (trailer)


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