Stephen Hunt’s new science fiction adventure, ‘Voyage of the Void Lost’ dives out of Hyperspace.

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Stephen Hunt’s amazing new science fiction adventure, ‘Voyage of the Void Lost’ has launched a month earlier than it’s pre-order date – so you can order it, like, today!

It’s available in e-book, paperback, and hardback around the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

It looks like those sneaky rascals at Amazon have jumped the gun again, as they are wont to do – but don’t worry, I’m told the Green Nebula publishing types are scurrying around to bring forward the date, now, at all the other bookstores as well – so should be available everywhere early next week.

Well, Jeff has to pay for that space program, somehow.

Here’s the blurb for the book:

When Captain Lana Fiveworlds seizes on a lucrative contract to fly a rough-and-ready bunch of grave robbers between the worlds of long-extinct civilisations, she’s expecting a nice easy ride for her misfit crew on board the starship Gravity Rose.

After all, those unlucky perished alien species died of climate change, atomic wars, comet strikes, plagues, and mass solar flare ejections thousands, if not millions of years ago.

So, what can go wrong? Plunder a few failed planets for priceless abandoned antiques and lost technologies and make out like an interstellar bandit!

Sadly, the karma of the universe has other ideas – and easy, it surely ain’t. When their troubles slowly mount, Lana, Calder, Zeno, and the other crew members battle for far more than their lives. The ultimate cost could be more than the captain – or her dear friends and family – can bear.

Stephen Hunt's new science fiction adventure, 'Voyage of the Void Lost' launches early.

Stephen Hunt’s new science fiction adventure, ‘Voyage of the Void Lost’ launches early.


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