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Star Trek Discovery: first trailer.

And here’s the first trailer for the CBS TV series of Star Trek Discovery, including yet another new look for the klingons.

Star Trek Discovery: first trailer.
Star Trek Discovery: first trailer.


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2 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery: first trailer.

  • I have to admit I love Star Trek but this trailer bites hard. The “Orville” trailer of the new SciFi t.v. show on Fox is way, way, way, better. It’s so original. This star trek is like copy of JJ’s first movie.

    Read Peter David’s Star Trek series and turn that into a animated t.v. show & that would rock like “Orville”!

    Live Long and Prosper without watching Star Trek remakes!

  • This looks like the pocket universe version but not learnt the lessons of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ and people want the future not the past.


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