Robert Kirkman: From comic shop clerk to comic shop kingpin (video).

Once upon a time in a comic shop not-so-far away, a young man named Robert Kirkman could be found shelving the latest issues and probably sneaking a read of his favorites when no one was watching. Fast forward a couple of decades, and he’s not just reading comics; he’s revolutionizing them. But how did he go from flipping pages to creating them?

Scene 1: A Typical Comic Shop in the Late 1990s

Customer: “Hey, do you have the latest ‘Spider-Man’?” Kirkman (mumbling behind the counter): “One day, they’ll be asking for MY comics…”

It’s amusing to think that the very shops Kirkman once worked in would one day be filled with discussions and debates over his own creations.

Scene 2: Kirkman’s Big Break

After numerous attempts, Kirkman landed his first self-created title, “Invincible.” And though this superhero tale had its fans, it wasn’t until the undead started roaming the Earth in “The Walking Dead” that things truly took off. Who knew zombies would be the key to success?

Friend: “Zombies, really?” Kirkman: “Trust me, they’re going to be BIG.”

Well, trust him we should have, as “The Walking Dead” didn’t just redefine the horror genre in comics; it transcended mediums, making its way to TV, games, and merchandise, spawning a fandom that’s more alive (or should we say undead?) than ever.

Scene 3: Billion-Dollar Empire

With the success of “The Walking Dead” and other titles under his belt, Kirkman wasn’t content just being a creator; he became an industry titan. His Skybound Entertainment didn’t just produce comics, but expanded to films, TV shows, and more.

Comic Fan A: “Have you seen the latest episode?” Comic Fan B: “Of which Kirkman show?”

From a comic shop clerk to comic kingpin, Robert Kirkman’s journey is nothing short of incredible. And to think, it all started with doodles and dreams between the aisles of comic racks.

The world of comics has seen many legends, but Kirkman’s rise holds a special place, proving that with passion, persistence, and maybe a horde of zombies, dreams can come true. The next time you’re in a comic shop, just remember: the person shelving your favorite issue might just be the next industry game-changer. And if there’s anything we can learn from Kirkman’s story, it’s to always, ALWAYS, trust someone when they say zombies are going to be big.


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