Rebel Moon: from Star Wars pitch to Netflix’s latest scifi blockbuster (sneak peek).

This is not a drill, folks! Put on your space helmets and strap in because Netflix is about to blast us off to the farthest reaches of the cosmos with “Rebel Moon“, scheduled to land in our living rooms on December 22, 2023.

What started as a distant twinkle in Zack Snyder’s eye back when George Lucas was still in charge of Star Wars has now evolved into a full-fledged celestial body of epic proportions. No, seriously! The film initially took root as a “more mature take on the Star Wars universe.” You heard it right: George Lucas was almost a great-grandfather to this space opera. But then, Disney purchased Lucasfilm and apparently, Mickey Mouse wasn’t ready for a gritty reboot of the universe. So Snyder did what any director would do; he packed up his story and headed to Netflix.

Assembled under the banner of “Rebel Moon”, the stellar ensemble cast is headlined by Sofia Boutella as Kora. Our galaxy-trotting heroine is joined by Djimon Hounsou, Charlie Hunnam, and Michiel Huisman, among other bright stars in the cinematic cosmos. Also aboard this spacecraft is Sir Anthony Hopkins, lending his voice to a mechanical knight named Jimmy. Quite the career pivot after playing a cannibalistic serial killer, don’t you think?

“Rebel Moon” takes place in a universe ruled by a corrupt government of the Mother World. Threatened by the forces of the Imperium, Kora, a former member seeking redemption, takes it upon herself to recruit warriors across the galaxy. Picture the Avengers but in space, and instead of a cool Hulk, we get a lethal spider warrior. Yeah, you heard that right: a spider warrior, because regular spiders aren’t terrifying enough.

Now, the movie production wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. The crew faced the unenviable task of shooting not one, but TWO movies back-to-back. Snyder, ever the multi-tasker, also took up the role of the cinematographer, ensuring every space nebula and futuristic cyborg looked just right. For those counting the beans, the production tapped into a whopping $83 million in qualified spending and tax incentives. That’s more than enough to build a real-life Death Star!

And if you thought one galactic showdown was enough, you’re in for a surprise. There’s already a “Rebel Moon Part 2” in the works. In fact, Snyder hopes that Rebel Moon will become a “massive IP” and birth an entire universe. I mean, who needs Star Wars or Star Trek when you can have Star… err… Moon? Additionally, there’s also an RPG, an animated short, a graphic novel, and even a novelization in the works! This Rebel Moon isn’t just a film; it’s a whole celestial system of multimedia storytelling!

Prepare for a space spectacle of astronomical proportions, folks! Just remember, in space, no one can hear you scream… with excitement for the release of “Rebel Moon”! So, get your space popcorn ready. It’s time for the next evolution of Netflix and chill – Netflix and interstellar thrill!

Rebel Moon: from Star Wars pitch to Netflix's latest scifi blockbuster (sneak peek).
Rebel Moon: from Star Wars pitch to Netflix’s latest scifi blockbuster (sneak peek).


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