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Phishing scam now faking SFcrowsnest staff for some reason (news alert).

In an alarming new trend, hackers are adopting an insidious tactic to defraud unsuspecting victims. Their latest modus operandi seems to be to impersonate staff and editors from SFcrowsnest, by sending out elaborate phishing emails to random scifi and fantasy fans. These emails appear to come from authentic SFcrowsnest volunteers, but are in fact, a trick designed to deceive individuals into giving up their hard-earned money.

Phishing is an age-old cybercrime where fraudsters use deceptive emails or messages to dupe victims into providing sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or login credentials. This new wave of phishing emails, however, exhibits a worrying escalation in the sophistication of these scams.

The deceptive emails are sent out randomly to individuals, with the fraudsters posing as site volunteers, writers and editors of SFcrowsnest. The hackers make these emails appear genuine and persuasive, often asking recipients to respond to them or initiate contact for various reasons. The ultimate objective, however, is to extract money from the unsuspecting victims.

These emails may use several tactics to instill a sense of urgency or authenticity. They may mimic the magazine’s design, language, and tone, or use a spoofed email address that seems to be from the SFcrowsnest volunteers. The end goal remains the same: to trick the recipients into taking actions that will lead to financial loss.

We here at SFcrowsnest will never send out unsolicited emails or letters asking for personal information or financial contributions. Recipients of such emails are advised to avoid responding, clicking on links within the email, or providing any personal information.

Remember the following tips:

  1. Be wary of unsolicited emails, especially those asking for personal or financial information.
  2. Look for signs of phishing, such as poor grammar or spelling, generic greetings, or unofficial email addresses.
  3. Never click on suspicious links within emails.
  4. Contact the official entity directly through a known and trusted method if you’re unsure about an email’s authenticity.
  5. Report suspected phishing emails to your email provider.

Stay alert, stay informed, and stay safe. As readers and fans of SFcrowsnest, your vigilance is an invaluable asset in the fight against these horrible cybercriminals.

Blooming cyber-crims.
Blooming cyber-crims.


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