No More Idling In The Reading Lane – reviewers needed.

I bet right now you’re idling in the sun, maybe twiddling all three of your thumbs, taking a rest from blasting some unfortunate alien or avatar and looking for something to engage your brain in and realising you haven’t got a book to read.

That being the case, then I might be able to help. Show me you can write a review of some book you’ve reviewed recently and I can introduce you to new books and even series of books, providing no one else in the team is already reviewing them, you might already be reading as freebies, providing you can write reviews of them.

It doesn’t take long to become a veteran reviewer and might be handy to have on your CV because it shows you’re literate and opinionated and can string sentences together. As editor, I can certainly might your grammar shine and show how to pick up on any consistent mistakes you make.

We don’t discriminate. We take on people of all ages, sexes and impairments. If you can provide you don’t even come from this planet, then as an SF website, I get my quota of these as well. The same applies to our grey cousins, horror and fantasy.

I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the reviews on but, if you’re not, please have a look now. A synopsis showing you’ve read the book without giving away too many spoilers and what you felt about it. The length of any review is determined by the needs of length to tell it. Nothing more, nothing less. Publishers like our honesty and on a number of occasions have acted on our comments.

If you live in the UK, we can usually pull paper-based books. If abroad, mostly digital although that can apply here as well. If you become specialised in a subject, then you quickly become an authority on the subject. If you know what an indicia is, even better.

It beats idling in the sun and even better in the winter months hibernation. Reading is fun and supplements everything else you do with your life.

Feeling up to the task, then send me a review at gfwillmetts @ and in the subject line put: Sample Review. You should know what to do about spaces in email addresses. As a preference if you are sending an attachment and tell me something about yourself in the main part of the email, send as a TXT file.

Geoff Willmetts


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