Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance soundtrack by Jamie Christopherson (album review).

When reviewing materials, it’s important to put aside personal taste as much as possible and offer a fair and balanced review. Unfortunately, I found it quite difficult to do this with this album., Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Vocal Tracks’ as it’s simply just not my thing.


It’s a fairly relentless soundtrack that seemed to be too loud no matter what volume I played it at. One of two soundtracks based on the Japanese ‘Metal Gear Rising’ spin-off game, put simply, this album has songs with lyrics, while the other doesn’t. In fairness to the album, the vocals do help it stand out from other games soundtracks.

There are 29 tracks on this album and it clocks in at a hefty 71 minutes so there’s certainly plenty of bang for your buck. Despite it clashing with my own personal music tastes, I can see the appeal of the fast-paced beats and I’m sure it fits in nicely with the game.

For me, to single out certain tracks as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ would be unfair. You will simply either enjoy the entire album or not at all. A good indicator would be if you enjoyed the game it’s inspired by and if so, go nuts.

Now excuse me, while I lie down.

Aidan Fortune

May 2013

(pub: Something Else Music Works. 1 CD 29 tracks, 71 minutes. Price: $15.44 (US). ASIN: B00B4MUSHI)

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