DaVinci’s Demons (main title theme) by Bear McCreary

To call this an album is possibly a bit generous as it’s just one one-minute track from the new TV series.

Da Vinci's Demons

There will be a full album released by the prolific Bear McCreary later on this year but for now we’ll have to make do with the main title theme song.

While short, this theme is quite interesting as, inspired by Leonardo DaVinci himself, is scored so that it sounds similar when played in reverse as it is normally. I unfortunately don’t have the technology on my laptop to test this but surely they wouldn’t lie?

The track itself is fun and strikes a nice balance between a romp and seriousness. It actually reminds me of the ‘Elementary’ theme with both having the same sense of urgency. If McCreary has put this much thought into the main theme, the rest of the album should be of equal quality.



Aidan Fortune

May 2013

check out Bear McCreary’s blog on his work on the new series: http://www.bearmccreary.com/#blog/da-vincis-demons-the-hanged-man/http://


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