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Massive objects skimming Moon breaks internet (weird news).

Footage of some rather large objects skimming the Moon in formation, shot by an amateur photographer in Canada, is currently stretching the Internet’s capacity to retweet and re-post.

If this is the precursor to either First Contact or an alien invasion, can I humbly suggest we get the shock of the pandemic over before we move onto dealing with the far stronger future shock of encountering a new intelligent species?

Or perhaps it’s those infamous Lunar Nazis back at it again?

Heck, maybe they are planning to invade while we’re distracted?

Massive objects skimming Moon breaks internet


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One thought on “Massive objects skimming Moon breaks internet (weird news).

  • We can only hope.right?? look very regular and uniform size to be just ice or rocks to my untrained eyeballs….but, whatever.good distraction from sitting on my butt waiting for a cough or sneeze.


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