UFO cocktail hour: week ending 6th August 2021 (videos).

Here’s your roundup of all the new UFO content of note that streamed the previous week.

Let’s kick off with a view from Down Under as Australian journalist Ross Coulthart chats about what the Pentagon and governments around the world know about UFO/UAP’s.

And the Dolan is back to chat about how UFO/UAP disclosure is finally being accepted and reported by mainstream media. Richard takes us back to 2017 when things started to change as UFOs received credible coverage in major news outlets detailing a seismic shift in the mainstream portrayal of unexplained aerial phenomena.

And researcher Grant Cameron is interviewed about playing-cat-and-mouse with various governments when it comes to teasing out official documents containing UFO material.

And here’s Jesse Marcel III, the grandson of Major Jesse Marcel, in a one-hour-long documentary talking about his grandfather’s involvement in the alleged Roswell UFO crash cover-up.

UFO cocktail hour: week ending 6th August 2021 (videos).
Stranger things have happened

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