Madame Web: Swinging into Sony’s Spider-Verse with a twist (trailer).

In the ever-expanding universe of superhero films, where capes and spandex reign supreme, Sony Pictures is set to add another jewel to its crown with Madame Web. Yes, you heard it right – the mystical, often wheelchair-bound oracle from the Spider-Verse is getting her own movie. Because why not? In a world where even the most obscure characters get their spotlight, it was only a matter of time before Madame Web weaved her way onto the big screen.

Directed by the talented S. J. Clarkson, known for… well, we’ll let you Google that, the film is co-written by Claire Parker and based on a story by Kerem Sanga. It stars Dakota Johnson, who’s swapping her “Fifty Shades” for a spidey sense, as the titular clairvoyant psychic. Joining her is a star-studded cast including Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, and Tahar Rahim, because every superhero film needs its ensemble of characters who may or may not have much to do with the plot.

The story, as much as we know, revolves around Cassandra Webb, who is thrown into a web of (no pun intended) supernatural shenanigans. She’s joined by a trio of young women with powers that apparently make them important for the future. The film promises to explore Cassandra’s past and her journey to survive with her newfound protégés. Think mentorship but with more psychic visions and less mundane life advice.

Sony started developing Madame Web for its shared universe back in 2019, probably right after someone in a board meeting said, “Hey, what about that spider-web lady from the comics?” Clarkson hopped on board in 2020, and Johnson was cast in early 2022, followed by a parade of additional castings. Because in superhero movies, more is always merrier.

Filming kicked off mid-2021 in the exotic locales of Boston and Massachusetts, before wrapping up in New York City. Because nothing screams “superhero” like the streets of New York, right? The film is scheduled for a romantic release on February 14, 2024 – because what’s more romantic than psychic visions and supernatural battles?

Now, if you’re wondering how Sony plans to spin this into a captivating story, you’re not alone. Madame Web, traditionally an elderly woman hooked to a life-support system, doesn’t exactly scream “action hero”. But in the world of comic book adaptations, anything’s possible. Maybe they’ll turn her into a web-slinging ninja or a cosmic sorcerer. Or maybe she’ll just be really, really good at giving ominous warnings.

Regardless of the direction Sony takes with Madame Web, one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a wild ride. So, mark your calendars for Valentine’s Day 2024, because nothing says “I love you” like taking your significant other to watch a psychic superhero film. And who knows, maybe Madame Web will see it coming if the film’s a hit or miss.

Madame Web: Swinging into Sony's Spider-Verse with a twist (trailer).
Madame Web: Swinging into Sony’s Spider-Verse with a twist (trailer).


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