James Gunn vs. Universe: shaping the DC and Marvel realities (video interview).

Greetings, fellow Kryptonians and SFcrowsnest readers, and welcome to a different kind of Fortress of Solitude, as we delve “Inside of You” with our host, the man who brought a certain shiny-scalped mastermind to life, Michael Rosenbaum! This week’s guest, James Gunn, otherwise known as the powerhouse behind both Marvel and DC’s most successful titles, takes us on a cosmic journey through his galaxy-brained mind. He’s the only man who can make a walking tree and a raccoon a part of an A-list superhero team, folks. Need we say more?

In this episode, Gunn traverses the astral plane of his career, sharing how his ‘give a s***’ attitude was the Infinity Stone that powered the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. But, be warned, don’t let Drax hear you laughing during this segment – he’s still not quite got the hang of metaphors.

Get ready for a giggle fest when we discuss Chris Pratt’s most awkward Star-Lord moments, and a debate that could rival a UN assembly: Are there too many superhero movies? (Spoiler alert: The answer is “No, and we’re ready for more!”)

Finally, we touch upon the future of the bald-headed genius we all love to hate. Not Rosenbaum, folks, but Lex Luthor himself!

So, put on your red capes, rev up your Batmobiles, and get ready for a ride through the intergalactic, multi-dimensional mind of a true comic book legend. Just remember to stay through the credits for some classic Rosenbaum’s “ShitTalkin'” (because let’s face it, it wouldn’t be an ‘Inside of You’ episode without it!)

Hailing from the glamorous world of 90s Troma Entertainment, where exploding heads and racy nuns are a Tuesday, James Gunn has climbed his way up the Hollywood ladder to sit atop the peak – a cozy spot nestled between the DC and Marvel universes.

Long before he was orchestrating intergalactic battles and teaching us that we are Groot, Gunn was introducing the world to the high-culture of ‘Tromeo and Juliet’, a film whose synopsis can’t be accurately described in this family-friendly article, but let’s just say Shakespeare might’ve done a double take.

Transitioning from that to his directorial debut, ‘Slither’, a delightful romp about alien worms turning humans into zombies (we’ve all been there, right?), it seemed clear that Gunn had a… unique perspective on storytelling.

But it was his leap into the superhero genre with ‘Super’ in 2010 that really hinted at the future Gunn-derful™ things to come. ‘Super’ featured a wrench-wielding Rainn Wilson delivering vigilante justice with a side of dark comedy – a dash of flavour that would soon become a signature Gunn ingredient.

With his Marvel debut, Gunn helmed ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, proving to the world that yes, a talking raccoon and a monosyllabic tree can make grown adults cry in a theatre full of popcorn. His idiosyncratic blend of heart, humor, and a solid ’70s soundtrack turned a ragtag group of cosmic misfits into box office gold, and put him firmly on the superhero map.

He also ventured into the TV world, delivering the hit series ‘Peacemaker’, proving he’s not just a one-hit (or two-hit… or three-hit) wonder. In a daring move, he took on the mighty task of revitalizing ‘The Suicide Squad’ for DC, a move as bold as opting to write a live-action adaptation of ‘Scooby Doo’. In both instances, Gunn, unflinching, delivered.

Gunn’s career so far has been a whirlwind of unexpected choices and wild creativity. He’s proof that the journey from ‘Tromeo’ to ‘Groot’ is possible and that it’s okay to give a darn about what you’re creating, even if it involves a sarcastic raccoon with a penchant for large weaponry.

In the words of Star-Lord, “Something good? Something bad? Bit of both?” When it comes to Gunn, we’ll gladly take the lot.

So, folks, whether you’re a Marvel maven, a DC devotee, or just someone who enjoys a good old superhero showdown, join us in our League of Extraordinary Listeners as we dive headfirst into the creative Krypton of James Gunn’s imagination!

James Gunn vs. Universe: shaping the DC and Marvel realities (video interview).
James Gunn vs. Universe: shaping the DC and Marvel realities (video interview).


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